Freddy D Is Back

Freddy D is back! and this time he is here with the new generational style. bringing all the years of grinding to one project, “Street Individual” available 9/11/2020 this 10 song 12 track album. Features this single “Stand my Ground” produced by Freddy D, mixed by Freddy D, and the video shot and edited by Freddy […]

Flavor81 .com was created in 2015. This provided local and new artists the platform to express themselves with their music. The station was taken over by DJ Ski in March 2016, and has been expanding ever since. The station is a way to showcase up and coming DJs, like Mix Master Quik and Mark Ellavanson, and also gives DJs from around the world the chance to show their skills. It also provides new artists such as Grustle Gang’s own Casino Roulette and Duck Tape’s Boss Game the platform to get their music out to other listeners across the world. WE R HIP HOP, R U?